5 Ways of Taking Care Of Our Mexican Paradise

If you’re lucky enough to live in this amazing Mexican Paradise we call Riviera Maya, then you have a commitment to it and everything in it. There are many ways you can help taking care of this beautiful place we call home.

5 ways to protect mexican paradise

1.- Fight Nature With Nature

cenote If you’re visited a cenote or a theme park such as Xcaret, you’ve heard this before. Chemical sunscreen and bug repellent contaminate water, poisoning fish and plants. If you just can’t get rid of mosquitoes, try to use plants around the house that repells them, such as the already famous citronella (lemon grass), lavender and basil, among others.

Cinammon and coffee grounds will keep the ants away from your precious flowers. Cinammon also works as rooting hormone.

2.- Avoid Plastic Disposable Objects

Yes, you’re in a hurry and you have to buy whatever you need in that moment. But stop a minute and think of all the garbage you’re leaving behind. Unfortunately, most to-go food packaging in Mexico is made of polystyrene foam (styrofoam), which represents half of the marine garbage on the planet.

Consider taking a “tupper” if you think you’re getting leftovers from your restaurant meals, and take them home on a fabric reusable bag. Same with the supermarket goods. And most of all remember: no straws!

3.- Don’t Take Pictures or Pay for Animal Shows

We’re thankful enough that animals in circus are forbidden. But endemic species such as jaguar cubs, parrots, monkeys or iguanas are trapped to serve as “picture buddies” in hotels or even the streets.  The profit encourages hunters to trap even more animals that ends up in endangered species.


4.- Respect The Bans

Sometimes, you’ll see people trying to sell you certain kinds of food in a very suspicious way. Don’t buy them! Octopus, grouper, and other seafood species have a seasonal ban, but deer, pink conch and turtle (and their eggs) trade is forbidden, under de risk of jail. Be careful. Let the population of these species grow and recover.


5.- Don’t waste anything!

It’s easy to leave the water running while brushing your teeth, take long showers or throw away that piece of burger. Please, think twice before making any waste. There are lots of recycling programs. Some of them even give you native plants in exchange for your garbage.

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