The Spring Equinox in Chichen Itza, Ancient Mayan Astronomy

You’ve already heard about the magnificent city of Chichen Itza in the Mayan world, and you probably know about how it is part of one of the most wonderful astronomical phenomenons ever existed. The descend of Kukulkan, the feathered snake, during the spring equinox.

Every year, the first day of spring, the stairs of the main pyramid in Chichen Itza, create a shadow with the help of the sunlight, which finishes on the ground, attached to the snake heads at the base of the construction. This shadow gives the impression of the snake’s body, that comes down from the sky

Hundreds of people from all over the world gather together at the base of the pyramid to receive the blessing of Kukulkan or to simply enjoy the amazing phenomenon.


Chichen Itza is located in the state of Yucatan, just a couple of hours away from the Riviera Maya.

spring equinox

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