Celebrating Earth Day 2016

In honor of Earth Day we want to support out local recycling projects!earth day recycle puerto aventuras riviera maya

Here’s Puerto Aventuras’ recycling schedule:

Remember to put the recycling items outside your house on the indicated days in a separate transparent bag. Recollection: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

DO: Paper and cardboard, folded, dry and clean, egg boxes, newspaper, magazines, non plastified paper
DON’T: Wet or dirty paper/cardboard, tetra pack packaging, potos, plastified paper the home delivery pizza box.

green-recycling-logoP.E.T. & PLASTICS:
DO: Plastic bottles from sodas, wáter, cleaning products, wrapping plastic. All clean and dry.
DON’T: Danonino and other small yogurt containers, blíster packaging (as from pies g.e.) potato chips bags

DO: Beer and wine bottles, etc. And other beverage and food glass containers without the lid, clean and dry.
DON’T: Tempered glass like “Pyrex”, window glass, mirrors, neon lamps, light bulbs, ceramics.

DO: Soda and beer cans, food cans like tuna, beans, etc. Clean and dry.

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