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5 Ways of Taking Care Of Our Mexican Paradise

If you’re lucky enough to live in this amazing Mexican Paradise we call Riviera Maya, then you have a commitment to it and everything in it. There are many ways you can help taking care of this beautiful… Read More

Easter Celebration in Mexico: Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Faithful to its Catholic tradition, the Mexican people celebrate each year Semana Santa, a reminder of the time when Jesus Christ died on the cross. Semana Santa includes both Holy Week and Easter. The Holy Week, beginning on… Read More

Walk Ins Welcome!

Walk ins welcome to our office! If you’re already enjoying a wonderful vacation in Puerto Aventuras and you’re planning to stay forever, come visit us! We have the best listings in town and we’ll find you a property… Read More

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Tulum Vegan Fest

Living in Riviera Maya is great for many reasons, one of those is the access to great events in the surroundings. The Tulum Vegan Fests includes yoga, music, conferences and more Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and… Read More


Congratulations on your new life in paradise! Here’s a little something to help you on your first days in fabulous Mexico. ¡Salud! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Why Is Mexico One Of The Best Places For Retirement?

Do you wonder why is Mexico one of the best places for retirement? Well, among lots of reasons we found the following:   The USD has never been better. The adquisitive power for american retirees is growing and… Read More

5 Mexican Desserts You Must Try

For those with a sweet tooth, traditional Mexican desserts will be a taste of heaven. Here are some options you must try: Besos de Coco (Coconut Kisses) Vanilla and coconut baked wonders. One won’t be enough!    … Read More

Interior Design in Puerto Aventuras. This Is Our Recommendation!

Our choice of Interior Design in Puerto Aventuras. Are you new to Puerto Aventuras or looking for furniture and interior design suggestions for your condo? Patricia from Kapalai Design, is a local from Puerto Aventuras. She is the… Read More

Interesting Reading If You Want To Move Abroad

We were doing our daily navigation around the web and we found some interesting reading. Do you know why are one million of Americans moving to Mexico? From real estate to groceries, and from entertainment to healthcare, life… Read More