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Sian Kaan’s Lazy River, a Hidden Jewel in Riviera Maya

We love everything about Riviera Maya. You can find activities for everyone, so every weekend can be a new adventure. One you’ll love to repeat is a fantastic tour to Sian Kaan’s lazy river. Sian Kaan is a protected… Read More

Definition Of “Home”

And the coolest phrase must be “Home by the beach”! Take a look at our listings here:

In The Summertime

Did you read it singing? We did! <3 Here in Riviera Maya we have summer all year-round. Come live in paradise!  


Amazing Views

Life is soooo much better in Paradise, especially with these views! ☀

Some Humor

Have a fun weekend everyone! (But if you’re in the mood to search for great properties visit my website

¿Who’s Happy On Mondays?

Everyday is a good day in paradise! Find the property of your dreams and live the life you deserve. 

Happy American Independence Day!

We will be celebrating here in beautiful Riviera Maya! 

The Astonishing Mysticism of the Ancient Tulum

The Ancient Tulum is one of the most beautiful among the Mayan cities placed all across the Yucatan Peninsula. Its location is priviledged since it has direct views to the Mexican Caribbean, from a high spot. Who doesn’t… Read More

The Spring Equinox in Chichen Itza, Ancient Mayan Astronomy

You’ve already heard about the magnificent city of Chichen Itza in the Mayan world, and you probably know about how it is part of one of the most wonderful astronomical phenomenons ever existed. The descend of Kukulkan, the… Read More