Beautiful Puerto Aventuras Lagoon

puerto aventuras lagoon

These images of the Puerto Aventuras lagoon inspire me. You can smell the salty air while listening to the sound of the waves on the back.

How to get to the Puerto Aventuras Lagoon

It will take you a couple of minutes by car to reach the lagoon.

Come in the main entrance and follow the main road until the logo shop and turn left. Go straight until reaching Bahia Kantenah street and turn right. You’ll see the bridge that rises above the lagoon.

To reach the beach you can climb down the stairs located on the left side of the bridge. Since the waters are shallow, on that part, the lagoon is great for taking your kids to play.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the properties around it, you could kayak or paddleboard right from your backyard.

puerto aventuras lagoon

Life in Puerto Aventuras includes using bikes and golf carts since distances are pretty short. The roads are full of nature. You can see squirrels, coatis, yuyas, parrots, and many other critters. A life to really enjoy!

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