3 Fantastic Vegan Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

vegan salad

We understand the conviction and benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Being Mexico a place where you can find fresh produce everywhere, it is easier to maintain a healthy diet and find organic products. These 3 vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen will give you a break from the kitchen.


Famous vegan restaurant that brings a lot of the regional flavors to the table, such as papadzules, sikilpak, and more. You can also find lots of organic products on their shelves and support local producers at the same time.

Find it: Calle 26 nte. 128 Local 2 y 3 between 5th and 10th Avenue.
La Senda
A great restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. You can even have sushi! Who says vegan is boring?

Find it: Calle 10 nte. between 10th and 12th Avenue.



Comet 984

 This is a cute one. Comet 984 has a 50’s diner concept that will bring rock n’ roll to your veins. Enjoy delicious burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, milkshakes and ice cream. Prices go under $150 pesos. They’re also big supporters or animal shelters.

Find it: Calle 8, entre avenida 20 y 25.

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