5 Mexican Desserts You Must Try

For those with a sweet tooth, traditional Mexican desserts will be a taste of heaven. Here are some options you must try:

Besos de Coco (Coconut Kisses)

Vanilla and coconut baked wonders. One won’t be enough! Receta-de-besito-de-coco




Dedos de Novia (Bride’s fingers)

mexican dessertsThis can be found as dessert in multiple restaurants around the country. It is a sweet and crunchy almond cookie that holds both spanish and indigenous heritage. Takes the name from its shape and white color from the confectioner’s sugar that serves as both sweetener and presentation.


Chongos Zamoranos

chongosssA dessert that has milk as base, flavoured with cinammon. The original recipe comes from the state of Michoacan, famous for its lake (Lago Chapala) and carnitas (pork meat dish, perfect for tacos… yumm!)



capirotada 02

Perhaps one of the most traditional desserts in all Mexico. The capirotada is made with bolillos (typical mexican buns) cinnamon, raisins and peanuts. It is soft, sweet and you’ll repeat!



7829c398305ecc52e96f77eca822d2f4This magnificent treat is a gift from the Mexican kitchen to the world. They are sold all around the country in traditional festivities, restaurants, gift stores and even on the streets, among other sweets like merengues, coloful marshmallows, coconut and peanut palanquetas and much more.


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