Sian Kaan’s Lazy River, a Hidden Jewel in Riviera Maya

We love everything about Riviera Maya. You can find activities for everyone, so every weekend can be a new adventure. One you’ll love to repeat is a fantastic tour to Sian Kaan’s lazy river.

lazy river

Sian Kaan is a protected area that holds multiple species of animals and mangrove. You can find colored fish, beautiful birds, iguanas, and even some crocodiles in certain areas. This reserve is located after Tulum’s coast and ends in the picturesque fishermen’s town of Punta Allen.

Muyil Ruins

If you want to take a walk and sweat a little before refreshing in the river, you can enter the lagoon from the ruins of Muyil, with beautiful ancient buildings rising between the trees.

After that you can take a boat that will take you to the river, where the current is soft and you can just relax while laying on your back with the help of a floating vest. The water is shallow and clear, the path is full of vegetation and you can enjoy de view of the mangrove and the little fish swiming beside you.

Try it, you’ll love it!

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